'Zanne (otakudreamer06) wrote in dwarfhamsters,

 Hi all, I'm Zanne and I'm the proud 'mama' of a Winter White named Tinkerbell. Photos to come when I can get a good one. She's a fast little sucker.

I've had her about 3 months, and I've noticed that she'll gnaw on her bars occasionally. I've got her a Critter Trail cage, with the wire bars. The cage itself is discontinued as I've had it for a bit, and she's got all sorts of accessories to play in attached to it. I keep her food fresh, and she has wood sticks and shapes to gnaw on. Why is she chewing on her bars? What can I do to stop this? I'm afraid of her hurting her teeth.

Also she tends to nip at me when I go in to retrieve her food dish to refill it, or if I go in to retrieve her so I can clean the cage while she runs in her ball. I've been washing my hands right before I go to retrieve her or the dish, and it seems to help a bit, but what else can I do to keep the nips at bay? Other than the nips, she's as sweet as can be.
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