arwens_ghost (arwens_ghost) wrote in dwarfhamsters,


Just to introduce myself:  - hello.
I am now the proud owner of the most lovely Russian Dwarf hamster, Pan.

- and would love some hamster-lover friends.
I do have a question, though.:
Other 'normal-type' hamsters 'pouch' their food in cheek-pockets' don't they.  My little Russian Pan doesn't seem to do this.  He seems to bury his favorite foods in his sawdust to maybe come back for later?  I just wondered if this is my imagination or if anyone knows if this can be a habit.
Anyways.  We have bonded very well and he is so friendly. 

The trouble is -his favorite food seems to be pumpkin seeds, but only if they're shelled!  Well that's ok I suppose, but I can only buy pumpkin seeds in their shells and I don't really want to be sitting there all night cracking seeds for my hamster, however much I love him.  :)

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