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Dear Hamster-lovers,


Yo! My name is Laura, I’m 21 and I’m a lazy-bones English and Creative Writing Student at Edge Hill University in the UK. Oh, and I love Hamsters.


During my Pre-/Teenage years I owned three Campbell’s Russian Dwarf Hamsters (all by themselves at different times) Hammy (Hurhur), Tiny, and Pippin. After at least a 6 year break of owning Hamsters, I decided recently that I could not wait until I move back home to acquire a Hamster, and I’ve started looking around for local shops that have babies for sale. I’ve been a comm-lurker for a while now…


Now I tried looking for a local breeder, but the most local one is at least 2 miles out, and as I can’t drive, that journey would be excruciating, more for the Hamster than for me, but still for me xD


Before I embark on the journey of owning something small cute and furry once more, I have a few questions that I hope you guys could help me with =D


Firstly. After owning three Hamsters each by themselves, I wanted to try owning two from the same family/litter. Hamsters can get lonely, and I wouldn’t like to be shut up in a cage on my own. But my partner, who is doing a Bio-Veterinary Degree at University, got severely cross with me and told me that she wouldn’t put two Hamsters in the same cage regardless of their breed, and especially if there’s even a chance that they will fight at all because it will result in death.

Now, I know Hamsters fight, and I’ve done the research, but all the research I’ve done hasn’t given me anything consistent. I would like some advice on whether or not keeping two Hamsters in the same cage is a good idea, and what the chance are of them fighting seriously and it resulting in injury and/or death is…


Secondly. When I acquired my first Hamster, I was told that if I ever got more than one, that it would be safer to get two males, rather than two females, as the females were more likely to fight and become territorial. But again, the research I’ve done has not been consistent. Some say males are better, some say females. So I have no idea which gender would be better if I were to get two!


I have an old Habitrail cage, but if I do get two hamsters, I am planning on buying a back-up cage and some tunnels to attach to them both, just in the event of a big fight that may end up in separation.


I’m only really looking Campbell’s, as they’re a breed I’m familiar with and the breed I’ve done all the research on, but if anyone has any advice in general to do with Dwarf hamsters, especially if another Dwarf breed would be more suitable to a pair, I would greatly appreciate it!


I hope to be able to spam you with Hamster photos very, very soon!


For now, a random image from my Hamster-Eyecandy folder xD


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