Ky (kyboshia) wrote in dwarfhamsters,

RIP Keke

Haven't posted here in a while, however I thought I'd update those who don't view hamsters, Keke passed away last month... :(

RIP Keke Keira 3/29/07 - 3/19/09
Gone to be with her sister Boo Bailey who died 11/4/08...
She was there for her sister when she passed away... I'm glad I was able to be there for her when she did...
I found her that morning not doing so well and spent most of the day holding her. She passed away in my hands...

When I first got them. Look how tiny she was. :) *That wheel is only 6.5"

With her sister Boo

Keke and Boo :)

Sleeping in the sand bath... she loved to sleep in many weird places including their potty. :P


Sleeping squished against the glass :)

Running away

Pretty girl

Checking herself out

Sleeping in a tube

Having a snack

Precious girl

Fighting with her sister. :) They didn't do it much.

Cleaning herself while laying on her back. Lazy girl. :P

Most recent photo...

Keke and Boo: RIP my sweet girls...
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