Celeste (starsprinkles) wrote in dwarfhamsters,

I have two female Roborovski hammies who are just under two years old. On Friday, Crunchy suddenly started running in circles, over and over again, always counter-clockwise. At first we just thought it was kinda weird, but yesterday it seemed much more pronounced, so we called a few emergency vet lines. Between that and searching online, the best we can come up with is a stroke. There's also that genetic "spinning" thing, but would it have taken 2 years to show up?

When she can stay still, she's eating and drinking. She appears otherwise healthy and comfortable. On the advice of one of the vets we separated Munchy from her (Crunchy had a couple bite marks on her back, which is highly unusual, and they thought Munchy might have been trying to "help" or investigate and inadvertently hurt her).

I took a video of it, which is below. If anyone has any insights into this, I would really appreciate any info or advice you could give. Thank you in advance!

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